Terms and Conditions

It is important to know

What does the website include?

All our websites include the following:

  • Designing the website.
  • Domain (www.yourdomain.com).
  • Hosting.
  • Technical support.
How much do I pay?

You will only pay the fees that have been agreed on the website offer without additional or hidden fees, which includes the services mentioned in the price offer throughout the first year.

Are there any other annually fees?

Yes, after the end of the first year the following services should be renewed:

  • Domain management: $150
  • Hosting: $395 (We have a basic package “Business Bronze”)
  • Technical Support: 15% of the price offer.

The price on above is basic, unless otherwise stated in the price offer.

What does technical support include?
    • Secure connection certificate and installation. https and installed.
    • Backup and restore.
    • Make basic modifications on the content of the website.
    • Firewall to protect your website from malicious file injection and block DDOS attacks.


What is not included at the website?
  • Remove copyrights below the website.
  • Control panel of website.

In case of interest at the services above we can offer you 20% of the price offer you got for each service.