About us TaqniaTec 

Who are we

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About us TaqniaTec

A tech company that started in 2013 specializing in designing websites, web services, and IT projects

We are based in Canada help you anywhere around the globe.

So you ask yourself, What is the purpose to have your own website?

The Internet presence is essential for reaching customers as well as customers having access to your services and products, it isn’t tied to a specific location or time. Your office will be literally in the pocket of everyone, thanks to search engines now days it become so easy to find what you need.

What’s our vision?

Quality first
We have found that quality standards and their pursuit are the best critic for any business or commercial product, whether you are a service provider or a consumer. We pledge to find what you need best and in the most suitable way.

What additional value do we offer?

We don’t just design your website, we’ll also be an extra hand in your IT department at no extra cost.
Each website we build is a full project where we consider your needs and guide you to the most appropriate option. We’ll offer the right design for your activity, size, and nature of the target audience. We’ll also select the most appropriate hosting and e-mail service to conduct your business. We will provide you with annual technical support to protect the site, support it with a certificate of protection, and provide basic modifications to the site content throughout the agreed period so that you can operate your business with ease.